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From The Pastor’s Pen –


It’s been quite a while since I updated the Pastor’s Pen and another year is quickly passing before our eyes….seems like it was just Christmas and people have already started the countdown to Christmas 2018.

I’ve often heard the statement “don’t wish your life away!”  I know…..I know there is a lot of excitement as we approach the celebration of Christ’s birth – as there should be but let’s not forget another important holiday:  Thanksgiving!  And, of course there is that fun holiday called Halloween that comes before Thanksgiving.

Our church is busy preparing for these upcoming special days.  Our Fall Missions Festival will be held on Wednesday, October 31 as a safe alternative to Halloween.  There will be refreshments, games, fun and Christian fellowship for all.  Once again we will host a Community Thanksgiving Meal on Thanksgiving Day from 11 AM until 2 PM for those who may be in need of a traditional Thanksgiving Meal or perhaps need someone to sit down and share this meal with.

This Christmas we will again be presenting a Christmas Drama and a Dinner Theatre.  This year’s drama entitled “Love Brings Another Miracle” is a sequel to last year’s drama, “Love Brought A

Miracle.”  If you enjoyed last years drama you are sure to enjoy this one:


Synopsis:     Ida Hoskins will never forget last Christmas.  It was then that God 

                    answered her prayer and saved her husband, Robert and it was last year 

                    that the townspeople honored Ida with the town’s “Christmas Spirit 

                   Award.”  (Much to Priscilla Penniworth’s regret!).  Oh, but this year

                   Priscilla is “sure” to receive this most distinguished award (so she   

                   thinks!).  Times are a little better for the Hoskins family but a new family

                  has moved into Melody hoping to find work and a better life, they are the

                  Smithey’s and this year they really need God to work a miracle

                 of love in  their hearts and lives.

We will be promoting the Drama and Dinner Theatre soon and will let you know as soon as we start accepting reservations for the Dinner Theatre.

The Drama will be presented on Friday, December 14 and the Dinner Theatre will be presented on Saturday, December 15.  So, you might want to go ahead and save the date.

In the meantime, every time we meet to Worship is special……so don’t wait for these “special” holidays, come join us now.



Pastor Keith