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From The Pastors Pen….

Well, I don’t know quite where to begin.  My life has been turned upside down over the past several weeks:  pneumonia, kidney stone attack, blood clot, blood thinner, lithotripsy to crush kidney stones, surgery to place a stent in kidney to open ureter and unblock right kidney, surgery to remove stent and stone fragments too large to pass.  Despite the fact that I have been ‘out of commission’ in many ways, my mind continues to think on things like this morning as I share on facebook:


Been wide awake since 5:30 and couldn't stay in bed any longer. Never thought the recliner and bed could be so uncomfortable. Still unable (not allowed) to do some things I'd really like to do.......don't really have the energy or stamina anyway! Makes me think "the spirits willing but the flesh is weak."
Yet the thinking goes on (a little jumbled at times thanks to the medications and having been put under anesthesia 3 times in 2 weeks, I suppose).
For at least four years my urologist had been monitoring two large kidney stones with routine X rays every six months. I felt relieved when he said they are not moving and still where they've been in both size and location so we will leave them alone.
Boy when they started moving did they ever make their presence known!!!
Looking back I wonder, did we do the right thing in "leaving them alone"?
Reminds me of SIN that we refuse to deal with in our lives. We may think about just leaving it alone for now. After all, it's not causing any pain right now. Right? No, WRONG. When we give sin a place in our lives it's only a matter of time til the pain and hurt it will cause
will make itself known. And, wow will it ever make itself known. Turn to the Great Physician and let Him get rid of it! Now.
Pastor Keith