"Reaching Out and Reaching Others for Christ through Worship, Training, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Ministry"


Sunday School 9:45
Worship 11:00

Wednesday Evening  7:00

                                                      Bible Study & Mission Groups                                        

 Pastor: Keith Childers                                                                         

Calendar of Events

Postponed until a later date
July 3, 2022
We believe that accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior is the only way for a person to ascend to heaven after death. We believe in baptism only after an individual has trusted Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.  Baptism identifies the believer with Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. We are strong believers in biblical authority, we believe that the Bible is the only authority because it is divinely inspired, all scriptures is God-breathed. The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible and empowered men to record the truth about God and give directives on how to apply the Bible to the Christian life. We partake in The Lord's Supper, also known as Communion, it is a symbolic practice meant to honor the death of Jesus. Communion is not necessary for salvation. We encourage missionary work and evangelism opportunities. We are supporters of religious freedom.
Our mission is to reach out and reach others for Christ through worship, training, fellowship and evangelism  and ministry. We hope this website will help answer any questions you might have about what God is doing at Clover. It is truly an exciting fellowship to be a part of! So come feel the warmth and excitement of our fellowship. You will be accepted, loved and encouraged at Clover. If you are looking for a church where you can grow in love for the Lord and friendship with others, we hope your search will end with  Clover Baptist Church.